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The Culture Curve
Friday, September 15, 2006  
What Happened to the Curve?

The other day I was doing a google search for an article I'd written and (much to my surprise), this long-defunct blog popped up. Then I saw that the Curve had been visited by more than 13,000 unique visitors . . . which is about 10,000 more than had visited it when I was posting back in '03-'04.

So I realized I had to do one last post to explain to anyone who might care where I went and what I do. So, I quit my blog in '04 because it was causing a bit of heartburn for my law firm employer, but I have since moved on the nonprofit world. Currently, I am the director of the Alliance Defense Fund's Center for Academic Freedom. I blog regularly at the Center for Academic Freedom website, and I blog for National Review Online at their "Phi Beta Cons" blog. (You can see my blog archive here).

Also, my wife and helped found a grassroots group dedicated to helping put Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney into the White House. Evangelicals For Mitt seeks to address questions raised by a Mormon candidate's potential quest for the presidency. To be clear, I'm not Mormon (I attend a Presbyterian (PCA) church), but I think Governor Romney is the best man for the job.

So that's it. That's what I do and where I blog. If you want to read some insightful (but old) political commentary, you're welcome to nose around a bit.

Posted by David French

11:08 AM

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