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The Culture Curve
Saturday, April 27, 2002  
WHY A CHRISTIAN WEBLOG? Because, quite simply, it is time for a change. In the immediate aftermath of September 11, I can remember thinking that it was time for evangelical Christians to step up. It was time for us to minister, through compassion and moral courage, to a wounded and angry nation. With Christian tenderness, we could reach out to the victims of September 11 -- offering them the solace that only Christ can give. With Christ-like conviction, we could supplement that compassion with courage, with an eagerness to stand for the principles of freedom and justice that were attacked on that sad September day. As our nation's religious leaders -- Christian and Jew, Muslim and Hindu -- received unprecedented national exposure, I waited for word from our evangelical leaders.

When that word came, I was stunned. With the nation's attention focused on them, America's two most prominent Christian political leaders, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, blamed the devastating terrorist attack on, among other things, a moral climate created by the likes of the ACLU, gay activists and the People for the American Way (a liberal advocacy organization). Those words were worse than wrong. They were worse than insensitive. Those words were an insult to what it meant to be a Christian in a time of crisis -- of war. Even more, Falwell and Robertson demonstrated that they were completely out of touch with the community they claim to represent. America's Christians were not angry at gays. They were not angry at liberal legal organizations. They were angry at the same Islamo-fascists that enraged Americans of all creeds and religions. American evangelicals were ready for war -- a just war.

In the weeks and months that have followed those initial, dark days, I have resolved that new Christian voices must be heard. America's great pastors are not necessarily America's great political thinkers. America's great family counselors may not also be America's great legislative strategists. The time has come for a new Christian political strategy -- for new Christian political thought. This website is simply one man's (modest) attempt to sow the seeds of change in American evangelical discourse.

The weblogging phenomenon provides the perfect vehicle for change. Through weblogs, new voices can bypass established publishing power centers and offer ideas that stand and fall on their own merits -- and not on the whims of the publisher or the connections of the author. In this site, you'll receive daily commentary and news digests. I'll respond not only to current events but also to interesting or outrageous thoughts regarding the larger issues -- the War on Terror, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, cloning, abortion, Islam, religious freedom, etc. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these areas (except, perhaps, religious freedom), but I do have ideas. I'll let you judge their worth.

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